This is the technical documentation of the United Manufacturing Hub.

This includes the core microservices, as well as the data structure the United Manufacturing Hub employs and the states a machine asset can be in.

Please do note that this section is mostly directed at development issues. For installation guides in production setups as well as user guides and troubleshooting information, please peruse the Guides section. If you are interested about the reasons behind the architecture or the technology, visit the knowledge section.

If you currently are unsure which part of the documentation you are looking for, please take a look at the Overview / architecture, as it guides you through the United Manufacturing Hub layer-by-layer. We suggest you work yourself to the desired information from there.


Here we go over the architecture of the UMH stack, how the various microservices and open source 3rd party apps interact.


More information about the Helm Chart and the relevant microservices. Allows developers to set up microservices for development, as well as give an overview of the function and the environment variables used by these microservices.

Community Apps

These microservices are currently not part of the core stack and are deprecated or community supported.


This includes the way the messages are structured, what content each message type has, what it is typically used for and how each message type is usually produced and consumed. It also specifies in which states assets can be in this model and what status codes are equivalent to which industrial standardizations.