The technical documentation of the microservice mqtt-to-kafka-bridge, which transfers messages from MQTT brokers to Kafka Brokers and vice versa.

Environment variables

Variable nameDescriptionTypePossible valuesExample value
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developers. If logging level is not DEVELOPMENT, default logging will be usedstringanyDEVELOPMENT
MQTT_CERTIFICATE_NAMESet to NO_CERT to allow non-encrypted MQTT accessstringany, NO_CERTNO_CERT
MQTT_BROKER_URLThe MQTT broker URLstringIP, DNA nameunited-manufacturing-hub-vernemq-local-service:1883
MQTT_TOPICMQTT topic to listen in onstringanyia/#
MY_POD_NAMEName of the docker pod, used for identification at the MQTT brokerstringanyMQTT-Kafka-Bridge
KAFKA_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERURL of the Kafka broker used, port is requiredstringalllocalhost:9092
KAFKA_LISTEN_TOPICKafka topic to listen in onstringanyia.+
KAFKA_BASE_TOPICKafka base topicstringanyia
KAFKA_SSL_KEY_PASSWORDKey password to decode the SSL private keystringanychangeme


  • Starting with 0.10.0 this bridge will allow all raw messages, even if their content is not valid JSON format.
  • 0.10.0 also introduces stricter checks for topic names (They must now follow the datamodel).
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