The technical documentation of the microservice umh-datasource, which allows for easy data extraction from factoryinsight.

UMH Datasource provides a Grafana 8.X compatible plugin, allowing easy data extraction from the UMH factoryinsight microservice.

Get started

For development, the steps to build the plugin from source are described here.

  1. Clone the datasource repository [email protected]:united-manufacturing-hub/united-manufacturing-hub-datasource.git

  2. Install dependencies

yarn install
  1. Build plugin in development mode or run in watch mode
yarn dev
  1. Build plugin in production mode (not recommended due to Issue 32336).
yarn build
  1. Move the resulting dis folder in your Grafana plugins directory.
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\data\plugins
  • Linux: /var/lib/grafana/plugins
  1. Rename the folder to umh-datasource.

  2. Enable the enable development mode to load unsigned plugins.

  3. restart your Grafana service.