recommendationTable contains given recommendation for the shop floor assets.


This table stores recommendations


keydata typedescriptionexample
uidtextId of the recommendationrefill_toner
timestamptimestamptzTimestamp of recommendation insertion1
recommendationTypeintegerUsed to subscribe people to specific types only3
enabledboolRecommendation can be outputtedtrue
recommendationValuestextValues to change to resolve recommendation{ “toner-level”: 100 }
diagnoseTextDEtextDiagnose text in german“Der Toner ist leer”
diagnoseTextENtextDiagnose text in english“The toner is empty”
recommendationTextDEtextRecommendation text in german“Bitte den Toner auff├╝llen”
recommendationTextENtextRecommendation text in english“Please refill the toner”


CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS recommendationTable
    uid                     TEXT                                PRIMARY KEY,
    timestamp               TIMESTAMPTZ                         NOT NULL,
    recommendationType      INTEGER                             NOT NULL,
    enabled                 BOOLEAN                             NOT NULL,
    recommendationValues    TEXT,
    diagnoseTextDE          TEXT,
    diagnoseTextEN          TEXT,
    recommendationTextDE    TEXT,
    recommendationTextEN    TEXT