ProcessValue messages are sent whenever a custom process value with unique name has been prepared. The value is numerical.


MQTT: ia/<customerID>/<location>/<AssetID>/processValue

or alternatively: ia/<customerID>/<location>/<AssetID>/processValue/<tagName>

For Kafka just switch the / character with a ..

If you have a lot of processValues, we’d recommend using not the /processValue as topic, but to append the tagname as well, e.g., /processValue/energyConsumption. This will structure it better for usage in MQTT Explorer or for data processing only certain processValues.

For automatic data storage in kafka-to-postgresql both will work fine as long as the payload is correct.


A message is sent each time a process value has been prepared. The key has a unique name.


keydata typedescription
timestamp_msint64unix timestamp of message creation
<valuename>int64 or float64Represents a process value, e.g. temperature

As <valuename> is either of type ´int64´ or ´float64´, you cannot use booleans. Convert to integers as needed; e.g., true = “1”, false = “0”



At the shown timestamp the custom process value “energyConsumption” had a readout of 123456.

    "timestamp_ms": 1588879689394, 
    "energyConsumption": 123456


  • Typically Node-RED