Recommendation messages are sent whenever rapid actions would quickly improve efficiency on the shop floor.


MQTT: ia/<customerID>/<location>/<AssetID>/recommendation

For Kafka just switch the / character with a .


recommendation are action recommendations, which require concrete and rapid action in order to quickly eliminate efficiency losses on the store floor.


keydata typedescription
uidstringUniqueID of the product
timestamp_msint64unix timestamp of message creation
customerstringthe customer ID in the data structure
locationstringthe location in the data structure
assetstringthe asset ID in the data structure
recommendationTypeint32Name of the product
recommendationValuesmapMap of values based on which this recommendation is created
diagnoseTextDEstringDiagnosis of the recommendation in german
diagnoseTextENstringDiagnosis of the recommendation in english
recommendationTextDEstringRecommendation in german
recommendationTextENstringRecommendation in english



A recommendation for the demonstrator at the shown location has not been running for a while, so a recommendation is sent to either start the machine or specify a reason why it is not running.

    "UID": "43298756", 
    "timestamp_ms": 15888796894,
    "customer": "united-manufacturing-hub",
    "location": "dccaachen", 
    "asset": "DCCAachen-Demonstrator",
    "recommendationType": "1", 
    "enabled": true,
    "recommendationValues": { "Treshold": 30, "StoppedForTime": 612685 }, 
    "diagnoseTextDE": "Maschine DCCAachen-Demonstrator steht seit 612685 Sekunden still (Status: 8, Schwellwert: 30)" ,
    "diagnoseTextEN": "Machine DCCAachen-Demonstrator is not running since 612685 seconds (status: 8, threshold: 30)", 
    "recommendationTextDE":"Maschine DCCAachen-Demonstrator einschalten oder Stoppgrund auswählen.",
    "recommendationTextEN": "Start machine DCCAachen-Demonstrator or specify stop reason.", 


  • Typically Node-RED