ScrapCount messages are sent whenever a product is to be marked as scrap.


MQTT: ia/<customerID>/<location>/<AssetID>/scrapCount

For Kafka just switch the / character with a .


Here a message is sent every time products should be marked as scrap. It works as follows: A message with scrap and timestamp_ms is sent. It starts with the count that is directly before timestamp_ms. It is now iterated step by step back in time and step by step the existing counts are set to scrap until a total of scrap products have been scraped.


  • timestamp_ms is the unix timestamp, you want to go back from
  • scrap number of item to be considered as scrap.
  1. You can specify maximum of 24h to be scrapped to avoid accidents
  2. (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET) If counts does not equal scrap, e.g. the count is 5 but only 2 more need to be scrapped, it will scrap exactly 2. Currently, it would ignore these 2. see also #125
  3. (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET) If no counts are available for this asset, but uniqueProducts are available, they can also be marked as scrap. //TODO



Ten items where scrapped:



  • Typically Node-RED