The technical documentation of the microservice grafana-proxy, which proxies requests to backend services

This microservice is still in development and is not considered stable for production use

Getting Started

This program proxies requests to backend services, if the requesting user is logged in to grafana and part of the organization he requests.

Either using

go run

or using the Dockerfile

  • Open a terminal inside >united-manufacturing-hub/

  • sudo docker build -f deployment/grafana-proxy/Dockerfile -t grafana-proxy:latest .
    sudo docker run grafana-proxy:latest

Environment variables

This chapter explains all the variables used in grafana-proxy

Variable nameDescriptionTypePossible valuesExample value
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developers. If logging level is not DEVELOPMENT, default logging will be usedstringanyDEVELOPMENT
FACTORYINPUT_USERSpecifies the user of the REST APIstringalljeremy
FACTORYINPUT_BASE_URLSpecifies the DNS name /IP address to connect to factoryinputstringall DNS names or IP addresseshttp://united-manufacturing-hub-factory-service
FACTORYINSIGHT_BASE_URLSpecifies the DNA name / IP address to connect to factoryinsightstringall DNS names or IP addresseshttp://united-manufacturing-hub-factoryinsight-service