The technical documentation for the microservice kafka-to-blob, which saves raw images from Kafka to blob storage.

This microservice is only community supported, which means that you might encounter issues when working with it.

Kafka-to-blob is a microservice that saves images from kafka to blob storage.

It can store raw image data.

Environment variables

Variable nameDescriptionTypePossible valuesExample value
LOGGING_LEVELDefines which logging level is used, mostly relevant for developers. If logging level is not DEVELOPMENT, default logging will be usedstringanyDEVELOPMENT
KAFKA_BOOTSTRAP_SERVERURL of the Kafka broker used, port is requiredstringalllocalhost:9092
KAFKA_LISTEN_TOPICThe kafka topic to listen tostringall valid kafka topicsia.factoryinsight.testfactory.testmachine.rawimage
KAFKA_BASE_TOPICSet this if you want to automatically create the topicstringvalid kafka topicsia
MINIO_URLThe URL of the minio serverstringallumhminio-hl.united-manufacturing-hub.svc.cluster.local:9000
MINIO_ACCESS_KEYThe access key of the minio serverstringallchangeme
MINIO_SECRET_KEYThe secret key of the minion serverstringallchangeme
MINIO_SECUREUses https if true, http if falsebooltrue, falsetrue
BUCKET_NAMEThe bucket to store the images instringallumh
KAFKA_SSL_KEY_PASSWORDKey password to decode the SSL private keystringanychangeme


kafka-to-blob does not guarantee delivery of messages.

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