The technical documentation of the microservice tulip-connector, which exposes internal APIs such as factoryinsight to the internet. Specifically designed to communicate with Tulip.

This microservice is still in development and is not considered stable for production use.

The tulip-connector microservice exposes internal APIs, such as factoryinsight, to the internet for use with Tulip. It provides a REST endpoint that allows accessing data stored in the United Manufacturing Hub, making it easy to connect Tulip with a Unified Namespace and on-premise Historian. Additionally, the tulip-connector allows the UMH to be easily tailored to customer needs, such as connecting to an on-premise MES system.

Getting started

To get started with the tulip-connector, you will need to edit the values.yaml file to enable the service and provide a valid domain. By default, the tulip-connector is disabled.

  enabled: false
  domain: "your.domain.here"

Once the service is enabled, you can access it via HTTPS at the provided domain.


The tulip-connector microservice can be configured using the following environment variables:

Variable nameDescriptionTypePossible valuesDefault value
MODEThe mode that the service will run in. Change only during developmentstringdev, prodprod


The tulip-connector microservice provides the following endpoints: