This section contains general tutorials

Installing k3OS with UMH

This article explains how to install k3OS on an edge device using the United Manufacturing Hub installation script.

Enabling SSH password authentication

This article explains how to enable the classic username / password authentification for SSH in k3os

Adding additional SSH keys

This article explains how to add an additional SSH key to k3OS, so that multiple people can access the device

Installing an operating system from USB stick

How to install OS from USB-stick by creating a bootable USB-stick and starting from it

Using static IPs in k3OS

In some setups k3OS needs a static IP.

Changing the initial config in k3OS (password)

This step is required e.g., when you want to change the k3OS password after initial installation

Installing k3OS on Proxmox

This How To helps you to install k3os on a VM hosted by Proxmox

Updating k3OS

If there version of k3OS is too old for the newer version of the United Manufacturing Hub, you should update it.