This section contains general tutorials

Changing temporarily the version of a Docker container in Kubernetes

This article explains how to change the version of a Docker container deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. This involves changing the Docker image tag. This can be the case if you, for example, want to try out the latest development version.

Adding UMH Helm Repo to Lens

How to add a custom Helm repository, so that you can use it in Lens

Creating new Kubernetes resources

To add your own microservices or expose an internal service, you might need to create your own Kubernetes resource.

Activate metrics in Lens

Activated metrics allow you to see CPU, RAM, etc. in Lens

Restart a pod in Lens

Sometimes a Pod needs to be restarted in Kubernetes.

Accessing factoryinsight from outside of the cluster

I want to connect my webapp to factoryinsight so it can use its API. How can I do that?

Making Kafka accessible from outside the cluster

By default, Kafka is only available locally. Setting externalAccess.enabled in the Helm CHart just breaks the entire Kafka installation (no pod starting).