This section contains general tutorials

Fetching data from factoryinsight

This tutorial is suited to extract OEE data and, for example, create a Node-RED dashboard with it.

Importing and exporting in/from Node-RED

Sometimes you may want to use a template in Node-RED or you want to copy a flow from one machine to another.

Getting some templates for Node-RED flows

You need to implement Node-RED flows at a new machine? Have a look at our library for basic production-related flows in Node-RED here

Changing the language

Here you learn to change the language of Node-Red.

Getting missing Plugins

You want to add unknown nodes in Node-RED? Are there nodes with a red outlining? And you can’t deploy? Here’s what to do

Installing new nodes / plugins?

When using S7 and OPC-UA nodes the installation of new nodes can fail (endless loop). This is an tutorial on how to install them nevertheless (be careful, this removes all existing plugins)