Installing new nodes / plugins?

When using S7 and OPC-UA nodes the installation of new nodes can fail (endless loop). This is an tutorial on how to install them nevertheless (be careful, this removes all existing plugins)


First: Go to OpenLens. Open “workloads”, go to “Pods”, select the namespace “united-manufacturing-hub”. Next, open the console of the Node-Red-Pod and enter the following commands:

  1. cd /data && rm -rf node_modules
  2. rm package-lock.json
  3. Then install the packages that you actually need, e.g., npm install --verbose node-red-contrib-s7 node-red-contrib-cron-plus node-red-contrib-opcua node-red-contrib-edge-trigger node-red-contrib-convert node-red-contrib-float
  4. As a next step you need to reboot the container either by typing in reboot or killing the pod
Last modified October 5, 2022: Historian article (#107) (5f30dc0)