Installing Tailscale on OPNSense and connect it to UMH Account

This article explains how to install Tailscale on OPNsense and how to connect it to the UMH support team


  1. Login into OPNsense and activate SSH and root login and password login


  1. Increase disk size of OPNsense according to

    DiskPressure / Evicted Pods / How to increase disk size and the tutorial for FreeBSD and OPNsense (at least 12 GB)


  1. Update OPNsense to latest version by going into the default menu via console or SSH and selecting 12 (you might need to do this couple of times to get to the final version)
  1. Additionally, you need to enable Swap
  2. Follow the tutorial: WireGuard mesh network using OPNsense. You can use the following command to set it up in one step (adjust IP range to your exposed IP range):opnsense-code ports && cd /usr/ports/security/tailscale && make install clean && service tailscaled enable && service tailscaled start && tailscale up --advertise-routes=


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