Cloning a project’s repo to your desktop

In this Instruction you learn, how you will be able to ‘copy’ (the code-loving people call it clone) an GitHub-Project-Folder to your desktop.


  1. Create a folder on your desktop (or whereever you want it to be later)
  2. Open Visual Studio Code and write this to go to the folder you want the copy in:


  1. Now write the following:
gh repo clone united-manufacturing-hub/dccaachen-2
   This is a GitHub-Command to fullfill the cloning of the project `dccaachen-2`

If not working:

  1. If this doesn’t work you need to install the GitHubCLI into your power shell. Go to this article!
  2. Go back to visual studio code commando terminal.
  3. type gh auth login and follow the instructions (copy the code and login with broswer (press enter))
  4. then do the step 3 again. It will work fine!
Last modified October 5, 2022: Historian article (#107) (5f30dc0)