Installing the United Manufacturing Hub on a VM (for IT department)

This is a quick introduction into deploying the United Manufacturing Hub on a VM and is written for the IT department. It includes some background information.

What is the United Manufacturing Hub?

It is a Helm Chart for Kubernetes and we typically deploy it using the operating system k3OS on an on-premise server / VM. More information can be found in our documentation:

k3OS is a minimal operating system designed to host lightweight Kubernetes clusters using k3s.


The full installation guide can be found here

In short:

  1. Create new VM (4 CPUS, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD should always work.)
  2. download the latest version of k3OS and mount it in your VM (
  3. Boot up the LiveCD and ensure that you have internet connectivity. If DHCP is not allowed in your datacenter, you need to set the IP manually:

Using static IPs in k3OS

  1. Install and when asked for a cloud-init, use the one provided by us or, if using a test setup, using
  2. That’s it (default username / password is rancher / rancher). For production setups this needs to be changed.
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