Setting up the MQTT broker to see MQTT-messages

There are two options to see your messages in MQTT


In general, there are two options. Option 1 is for quick fixes when working with Node-RED flows and Option 2 is more sophisticated.

Option 1: in Node-RED

…the thing with the debugger-node and the debugging-window.

Option 2: using MQTT Explorer

In this article we shortly explain how you can set up all machines and servers through the MQTT-Explorer. This is mandatory to monitor MQTT-messages and troubleshoot if somehow data does not find its way to grafana.

  1. Install MQTT Explorer
  2. Open it and add a new connection


  1. Give it a name and enter the IP address of the MQTT broker (usually the IP of the edge device)


  1. Go to Advanced


  1. Remove the topic with #


  1. Create a new topic with ia/#


  1. Press back and SAVE. then connect.
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