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Changing the Timezone in Node-RED

Learn to change the Node-RED instance timezone in the UMH from 'Europe/Berlin' to your preferred timezone. Find easy step-by-step instructions for using Lens/UMHLens and the Helm Chart for quick updates.

Changing the Timezone in Node-RED

The Node-RED instance in the UMH runs by default in the "Europe/Berlin" timezone. To change it, follow these instructions.


  1. Start OpenLens/UMHLens (if you have multiple instances of UMH, open the correct UMH instance).
  2. Go to "Helm", then click "Releases".
  3. Choose "united-manufacturing-hub".
  4. Look for the word "Berlin" in the Helm Chart. You'll find something like this: timezone: Berlin/Europe under the section nodered.
  5. Replace Berlin/Europe with your own timezone.
  6. Click "Upgrade".

Done! You've successfully changed the timezone.

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