Scale the Industrial IoT

The United Manufacturing Hub is an Open-Source Helm Chart for Kubernetes, which combines state-of -the-art IT / OT tools & technologies and brings them into the hands of the engineer.

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Bringing the worlds best IT and OT tools into the hands of the engineer

Centrally managed, fully automated and continuously monitored

What can you do with the United Manufacturing Hub?

Extract data from the shopfloor

  • via Node-RED: S7, OPC-UA, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, REST / HTTP, MQTT and many more
  • via sensorconnect: ifm IO-Link gateways
  • via barcodereader: USB barcodereaders (emulating a keyboard)
  • via cameraconnect: GenICam compatible cameras

Contextualize and standardize data

  • using Node-RED as a low-code programming tool
  • using the pre-defined UMH data model (which is based on various industry standards like PackML or Weihenstephaner Standards)

Exchange and store data

  • Exchange data between various production machines, microservices and 3rd party vendors using MQTT and Apache Kafka as central message broker
  • Store relational and time-series data automatically coming from message brokers using TimescaleDB and kafka-to-postgresql
  • Store blob data (e.g., images) automatically coming from message brokers using and kafka-to-blob

Visualize data

  • using Grafana and factoryinsight to easily build shopfloor dashboards including automatically calculated varables like machine states, orders, shifts, product traces and oee losses
  • using just factoryinsight to connect the automatically calculated variables with 3rd party applications using REST

How does the United Manufacturing Hub work?

The IIoT Engineer can install and maintain the entire IT / OT infrastructure using the United Manufacturing Hub.


Yes - the United Manufacturing Hub is targeting specifically people and companies, who do not have the budget and/or knowledge to work on their own / develop everything from scratch.

With our extensive documentation, guides and knowledge sections you can learn everything that you need.

The United Manufacturing Hub abstracts these tools and technologies so that you can leverage all advantages, but still focus on what really matters: digitizing your production.

With our commercial Management Console you can manage your entire IT / OT infrastructure and work with Grafana / Node-RED without the need to ever touch or understand Kubernetes, Docker, Firewalls, Networking or similar.

Additionally, you can get support licenses providing unlimited support during development and maintenance of the system. Take a look at our website if you want to get more information on this.
Because very often these solutions do not target the actual pains of an engineer: implementation and maintenance. And then companies struggle in rolling out IIoT as the projects take much longer and cost way more than originally proposed.

In the United Manufacturing Hub, implementation and maintenance of the system are the first priority. We've had these pains too often ourselves and therefore incorporated and developed tools & technologies to avoid them.

For example, with sensorconnect we can retrofit production machines where it is impossible at the moment to extract data. Or, with our modular architecture we can fit the security needs of all IT departments - from integration into a demilitarized zone to on-premise and private cloud. With Apache Kafka we solve the pain of corrupted or missing messages when scaling out the system
There are three approaches:

1. (beginner) use pre-existing services by just configuring them. You can, for example, create OEE dashboards for your entire shopfloor just by changing the central configuration file and "drag-and-dropping" a little bit in Grafana and Node-RED. The services in the United Manufacturing Hub will take care of the rest.

2. (intermediate, recommended for IT only) write your own microservices and deploy using our Helm Chart. If you want to create advanced applications, you can deploy your own microservices in the United Manufacturing Hub to interact with the data, e.g., deploy a machine learning algorithm or write your own dashboard.

3. (expert, recommended for IT only) work with Kubernetes and our source code. If you have a good feeling about the United Manufacturing Hub, you can start adjusting the source code and the data model to incorporate entirely new applications. If you do that (and wish to contribute to the project), contact us before.

How to proceed?

The Documentation section is directed at the developer. It provides an overview over the overall architecture, all configuration variables, the datamodel and what each and every microservice does.

The Guides section is directed at the integrator. It explains how to setup and use the United Manufacturing Hub and other tools like Node-RED, Kubernetes or Grafana.

The Knowledge section is directed at beginners. It explains the general concepts of IT, OT and IIoT and why the United Manufacturing Hub does things the way it does and why it is important.

Documentation Guides Knowledge