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Importing and exporting in Node-RED

Learn how to export and import nodes/flows in Node-RED easily with these step-by-step instructions.

Importing and exporting in Node-RED


  1. In Node-RED, click on the three bars on the right side, then click on export or import

  2. For importing:

  • 2.1 Either choose a json file from your local disk or paste the json file directly into the field below.
  • 2.2 Next decide in which flow the nodes shall be pasted. A new flow or the current one.
  1. For exproting:
  • 3.1 Decide from where you want to export: the selected nodes, the current flow or all flows at once. You can also select nodes in this window by clicking on them.
  • 3.2 Next you have two options: either to download a json-file or just copy to clipboard.

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