Adding UMH Helm Repo to OpenLens

How to add a custom Helm repository, so that you can use it in OpenLens


  1. (newer method, recommended) Update OpenLens to the latest version and then go the preferences, add helm repo



    and then restart OpenLens

  2. (older method) Install Helm on your computer using chocolatey and then follow the following guide:

    1. So execute the following commands on your computer running OpenLens (on Windows in combination with WSL2):
    2. Install Helm
    export VERIFY_CHECKSUM**=**false **&&** curl -fsSL -o  **&&** chmod **700** **&&** ./

    c. Add the repository

    helm repo add united-manufacturing-hub

    d. Get repository updates

    helm repo update

    e. Restart OpenLens (make sure to also close it in the system tray)

Last modified October 5, 2022: Historian article (#107) (5f30dc0)