OpenLens not loading the Helm Chart

Troubleshooting problems with loading the Helm chart in OpenLens

If you are following the Installation guide for the United Manufacturing Hub and you are stuck at the step 3.15, or you are simply try to look at a Helm Chart in a namespace different than the default one, you may be looking at an infinite loading screen.

This is a known bug of OpenLens version 6+ (documented here) and is currently being worked on (here).


Clicking on the united-manufacturing-hub Release gets stuck on the loading screen without showing the values.yaml file.


  • Revert OpenLens to version 5
    1. Uninstall you current version of OpenLens
    2. Download Lens version 5
    3. Double click the installer and follow the installation process
    4. Follow Step 3 of the installation guide to set up Lens again
  • Workaround
    1. From the Releases page find the release you want to look the Helm Chart of
    2. Click the three vertical dots on the right
    3. Select Upgrade
    4. View or edit the file
      1. If following the mentioned guide, you can find the iprange of sensorconnect in the _000_commonconfig section right under all the certificates
    5. Click the button Update & Close