k3OS Proxmox

Installing k3OS on Proxmox

Learn how to install k3os on a VM hosted by Proxmox with this step-by-step tutorial.

Installing k3OS on Proxmox
Please note that k3OS is deprecated. We recommend switching to flatcar instead.

If you're looking to install k3os on a VM hosted by Proxmox, this tutorial will guide you through the process.


  1. Change the current directory to /var/lib/vz/template/iso/ using the command:
    cd /var/lib/vz/template/iso/
  2. Download the k3os ISO image by running the command:
    wget https://github.com/rancher/k3os/releases/download/v0.11.1/k3os-amd64.iso
  3. Create a new virtual machine with ID 101 using the following command:
    qm create 101 --memory 6144 --sockets 3 -ostype l26 --onboot yes --name k3OS --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr1 --cdrom local:iso/k3os-amd64.iso --virtio0 local-lvm:10 --bootdisk virtio0

    This creates a new virtual machine with 6144 MB of memory, 3 sockets, k3OS as the operating system, with a vmbr1 bridge and 10 GB of LVM storage.
  4. Start the virtual machine using the command:
    qm start 101

That's it! Your k3OS virtual machine should now be running on Proxmox.

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