Installing tailscale on the TELTONIKA/Factorycube router RUTX11

How to install Tailscale on the Factorycube router RUTX11
  1. Find the router’s IP-adress through LAN connection (e.g. through ip config in cmd)

  2. Use the IP-adress to find the router in your browser. Here log in with the username “admin” and your corresponding password.

  3. Create the SSH connection via MobaXterm. Use the same IP-adress and then as username “root” instead of “admin” (the password stays the same).

  4. After completing the SSH connection in the same window enter the following:

    opkg list

    If the list does not show tailscale, you need to update the firmware at first. (See step 5.)

  5. If needed make an update of this firmware by the following steps:

    1. check for the lates version of the firmware. On the page below you can inspect the current firmware on your router.


    2. open this link:

      RUTX11 Firmware Downloads

    3. download the latest version of the firmware.

    4. go back to the router and “flash new firmware image” by selecting the downloaded file.

  6. Either the package was installed or the firmware got updated and the package now is installed. For both cases, you still need to adjust the firewall for tailscale.

    1. So go to MobaXterm

    2. on the left side find the SSH browser


    3. here double click on the firewall. A little text file will be opened in your text editor.

    4. Copy the following inside this file next to the existing config zones.

      config zone
          option device 'tailscale+'
          option name 'tailscale'
          option src 'wan'
          option input 'ACCEPT'
          option forward 'REJECT'
          option output 'ACCEPT'
    5. safe the file (press ctrl + s)

  7. execute following commands in MobaXterm:

    opkg update
    opkg install tailscale
    /etc/init.d/tailscale enable
    /etc/init.d/tailscale start
    tailscale up -- advertise-routes=
  8. After successful installation of tailscale you get a link. Please send this link to your tailscale administrator in charge.

Last modified October 5, 2022: Historian article (#107) (5f30dc0)