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Interview: Building Scalable and Secure IIoT Solutions Using Open Source

Our CTO, Jeremy Theocharis, talks in the "The Fourth Generation Podcast" about challenges in IT / OT integration, criteria for picking the core technologies for the UMH, Unified Namespace, OPC-UA and much more.

Interview: Building Scalable and Secure IIoT Solutions Using Open Source

The Fourth Generation Podcast, hosted by Kudzai Manditereza from, will "treat you to an in-depth interview with some of the world’s leading IIoT practitioners where we really dive deep into technical and actionable details of building Industrial IoT Solutions."

In episode 22, Kudzai and Jeremy talked about:

  • The actual pains during the integration of an IT / OT infrastructure, OPC-UA, and why boring technologies are good
  • The United Manufacturing Hub, its Open-Source approach and the core criteria for selecting its sub-components
  • Unified Namespace with MQTT and Apache Kafka
  • Historians vs Open-Source databases, see also our article
  • and many other topics including machine vision, the UMH datamodel, multisite data integration and microservices

Previous episodes include interviews with

  • Kai Waehner from Confluent,
  • Dominik Obermaier as CTO of HiveMQ and
  • Rick Bullota as the former CTO of Thingworx.

Check out episode 22 on Spotify and YouTube:

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