Using MongoDB for Digital Shadow / Track & Trace in the United Manufacturing Hub

How to acess MongoDB with MongoDB Compass

Learn how to connect MongoDB Compass with the UMH: Download & install MongoDB Compass, forward & copy mongodb pod's port in UMHLens, create new connection, replace port, get mongodb password, authenticate, & connect.

How to acess MongoDB with MongoDB Compass

Get started with MongoDB Compass, a user-friendly tool for working with MongoDB databases. This easy-to-use interface helps you connect to your MongoDB database and manage your data effectively. Follow our simple guide to learn how to connect MongoDB Compass to your database.


  1. Download and install MongoDB Compass.
  2. Forward the port of the mongodb pod in UMHLens.
  3. Copy the forwarded port of mongodb.
  4. Open MongoDB Compass, create a new connection and go to Advanced Connection Options.
  5. Replace the port with the forwarded port from UMHLens.
  6. Next, go back to UMHLens and navigate to Config->Secrets and click on mongodb. To see the password, click on the eye icon to the right and copy the password.
  7. Open MongoDB Compass and go to the Authentication tab. Use the username root and paste in the copied password.
  8. Click on Connect. Now you should see something like this or similar.

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